String Theory

String Theory weaves together three plays (by myself, Michael Barakiva and novelist Sarah Braunstein) that were all inspired by mythological tales about weaving.

My part of the play involved faithful Penelope’s attempts to remain unmarried despite the insistence of her unruly gang of suitors.  She promises them that she will choose one of them to wed – but only when she finishes a burial shroud for her husband’s father.  She works at her loom all day, but unravels her work at night.

Penelope’s story – like the rest of the play – uses humor and anachronism to explode the myth.  I was really interested in exploring the reality of what it would be like to be reunited with someone after decades – especially someone like Odysseus who has been to war and lost at sea and been unfaithful.  The expectations, the anger, the joy and grief of lost time are all examined in this play about homecoming and the tales we weave to keep ourselves sane.

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